We Invite You! Caring for the complex critically ill neonate is certainly both rewarding and challenging.  While treatment strategies evolve, technology advances, and research progresses, it remains the goal of the patient care team to ensure and facilitate the best possible patient outcomes.

The 32nd Annual National Conference of Neonatal Nursing is designed to answer your questions as well as raise your awareness of the right questions to ask in order to achieve this goal. If this is your first time attending The National Conference of Neonatal Nursing, we welcome you!  Join us and your fellow attendees, many of whom have participated in several of these conferences over the years, as we celebrate the exceptional care we provide.  If this is your second, fifth or even tenth Contemporary Forums conference, welcome back!

Engage in conversations about the clinical challenges you face, and be re-energized by the enthusiasm of fellow clinicians from a variety of neonatal units across the country.  Do you need more details about ideas or management approaches mentioned in a session?  Take advantage of the availability of the expert faculty we've invited who will gladly respond to your questions and interests.  You'll return to work with "clinical pearls" to share with your team. Save the dates, and combine an outstanding educational experience with the excitement of Las Vegas.  Count on the faculty and your colleagues to motivate and inspire you.  See you there!

Conference Objectives
Participation in this program will enable the experienced neonatal nurse to:
  • Learn about and practice networking skills with your colleagues, and understand how these skills can positively impact your career.
  • Discuss the new 2014 AAP/ACOG Neonatal Encephalopathy Monograph, focused on the causation and timing of the injury leading to HIE.
  • Explore hot topics including non-invasive ventilation, neurodevelopmental outcomes, early detection of sepsis, ethics and treatment of ROP.
  • Identify the physiologic basis of the assessment and management of critically ill infants.
  • Integrate and implement evidence-based nursing practice into the care of medically complex neonates.

Highlights & Benefits
Two dynamic Preconference choices:
  • Advanced Neonatal Pathophysiology, emphasizing an in-depth exploration of the pathophysiology of selected neonatal disease states.
  • Neonatal Cardiology, focusing on the evaluation, management and care of infants with cardiac disease or defects, and the latest treatment options.
  • Core Competency Areas and Content Topics for NCC Certification Maintenance are included in this conference.
  • An opportunity to actively engage with your fellow attendees by networking and socializing throughout your conference stay. You'll be amazed at what you learn!
  • Faculty experts who understand first-hand the unique challenges of caring for this very special patient population.
  • Evidence-based content addressing a variety of neonatal patient care needs and dilemmas.
  • All the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, where you can win a jackpot, watch a dazzling show and dine on world-class cuisine, all in one night!
Webcast Resources:

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