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Pre-Purchase CE Sessions at a Discount

Contemporary Forums Online offers you the option to pre-purchase multiple CE sessions, at a discounted price per session. You can redeem your session credits for any session in our CE store, at any time.

Save on each session. Select any of our discounted packages below, and start earning CE credit now!

Discounted Packages
10 CEs = $110 ($11 per CE, save $10!)
25 CEs = $275 ($11 per CE, save $25!)
50 CEs = $510 ($10.25 per CE, save $90!)
100 CEs = $949 ($9.49 per CE, save $251!)
300 CEs = $2,499 ($8.33 per CE, save $1,001!)
500 CEs = $3,499 ($6.99 per CE, save $2,501!)

Personal Groups

Want to share a discounted package with a friend? Or, do you have colleagues who also need CE credits?

With our “Share My Credits” feature, you can easily share your session credits with other users! You and your friends can pool funds together, purchase a discounted package and share the session credits with your personal group. Each person can use their credits to select any session of their choice and review and earn the CE credit from their individual accounts.

Hospital or Corporate Accounts

Is your department, hospital or facility interested in purchasing sessions for the staff? Our exclusive “Group Access” feature allows you to manage the education of your staff. Managers can purchase any discounted package and immediately have the following benefits:

  • Track the usage of session credits in real time
  • Assign session credits to employees
  • Allow staff to redeem credits for sessions they choose, or assign specific topics

Need a customized program for your organization or have questions?

Complete and submit the form below, or call us at 1.800.377.7707, extension 14811 or 14822.