Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Please review our comprehensive list of questions and the solutions to solve many common problems. If you need further assistance, please contact our staff by sending an email from the Customer Support page or calling us at 716.338.0332 between 8am-8pm EST M-F. Questions regarding content can be directed to Contemporary Forums at 1-800-377-7707 or


Q: I can't remember my Username or Password to login.
A: Click Login and then Forgot your password. Enter your email address you registered with and an automated email with your username and temporary password will be sent to the email address on your account. Check Spam/Junk folder if you don't see the email in your inbox. If the email on your account is no longer valid, please contact Customer Support at 716.338.0332 to have it manually reset.

Live Webcast Evaluations and CE Certificates

Q: How do I complete evaluations if I was a LIVE WEBCAST participant?
A: Log in to your account and click on the My Account link. Navigate to the webcast conference you attended and click on Evaluations. Complete the speaker evaluations for each session you participated in by clicking on the Take Evaluation link. After you have completed the speaker evaluations, complete the Overall Evaluation.
Q: How do I get my Live Webcast CE Certificate of Attendance?
A: Log in to your account and click on the CE Transcript link located in the My Account area. Your CE Certificate is available to view/print for four years after the date of the live webcast.

Downloading PDF or MP3 Files

Q: I am trying to download a PDF or MP3 file associated with a session, and the file will not start to download.
A: File downloads that do not start or prompt you to save the file to your computer indicate a connection failure or the content is being blocked by your local network. Some hospitals and other facilities block certain file types from being downloaded. To resolve this problem, please submit a support request by clicking on the support link located on and indicating the file you are attempting to download. Once the support staff has determined that the user's network is blocking the content, further action may be needed by contacting your network administrator.

CE Credit Questions

Q: Does Contemporary Forums offer ACNM credit for Contemporary Forums Online?
A: No. However, CNM's may utilize ACCME credit providing the topic is relevant to nurse-midwifery. CNM's should purchase topics offering MD and RN credit if they plan to purchase CE credit.
Q: Does Contemporary Forums offer AAPA credit for Contemporary Forums Online?
A: No. However, the AAPA accepts ACCME credit. PA's should purchase topics offering MD and RN credit if they plan to purchase CE credit.
Q: How much online credit can I use for the renewal of my license?
A: Requirements for licensure renewal vary from state to state. Contact your state medical/nursing licensing board to verify acceptance of "enduring materials" online credit.
Q: How can I find my state's CME/CE requirements?
A: Physician's CME requirements for medical licensure vary from state to state. For more information on your state's CME requirements, contact your state medical licensing board or visit Nurses CE requirements vary state to state and can be accessed by visiting or by contacting your state board.
Q: How can I determine if the type of credit that I need is available for each conference or session?
A: Each session has the breakdown of credit by type - either RN (ANCC) and MD (ACCME), or RN (ANCC) only. If available for the session, pharmacology credit for prescriptive authority for Nurse Practitioners is listed under the session title.
Q: Can I use the credit if I am not an MD or RN?
A: Yes. Certified Nurse-Midwives and Physician Assistants may utilize ACCME credit as long as the content is relevant. CNM's and PA's should purchase sessions with MD credit if they need the CE credit. Other health care professionals, including Pharmacists, should contact their certifying board, organization or agency for questions regarding acceptance of ANCC or ACCME credit or to inquire about making an individual application for credit.
Q: What is the originating date and termination date listed under the session title?
A: The originating date is the date that the session first became available on Contemporary Forums Online. The termination date is the date that the session will be removed from Contemporary Forums Online and will no longer be available for purchase or review. The termination date is 2 years after the originating date.
Q: How often and for how long can I access my library content after I purchase it?
A: You can review your content as often as you like from any computer or device with internet access. Your content will be available in your personal My Library account until the termination date listed under the session title. All sessions from a conference and the online exams will be removed on the termination date per our accreditation requirements. Your CE Certificates will be available for you to view/print for four years after the termination date. HINT: If you download the PDF (handout) and MP3 (audio only) files to your computer, those files will be available to you until you delete them. You cannot download the streaming player feature.